Our research makes humane birth control possible for all animals. 


Spay FIRST! was formed to focus solely on eliminating the overpopulation of unwanted dogs and cats that live in chronically poor communities globally. We are based on the premise that animal suffering affects the animals, the communities they live in, and the young people who grow up around them. Our priority is to foster compassion.

 Jeff Kemp, Ph.D, Molecular Biologist
Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Dr. Kemp leads our research and product development team.


Spay FIRST! is a leader in the research of non-surgical fertility control products for free-roaming “street” dogs and more.


Through partnerships with governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGO's), we research formulations to prevent litters through the development of low-cost, non-surgical fertility control products for dogs in underserved areas.


Killing and removal are never the answers, no matter what species. Our extensive research and streamlined development success has begun to expand to many other species in desperate need of humane population control. 

Our work has led to great success within the wild horse herds of America. Without fertility control, horse herds can double in size every four years. We sell GonaCon    EQ at for use in management of wild horses, an iconic species that has been subject to removal and dispersal. These horses remain on limited range that cannot support ever-expanding numbers. Our non-surgical fertility control allows them to remain and thrive. 

Spay First! is also on the cusp of an injectable fertility control option for feral cats that will put a humane solution for the daunting numbers of homeless felines on the horizon. Keep an eye out here and on our social media to see exciting updates on our cats and more!

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The numbers are staggering.

There are an estimated 250 million unwanted dogs worldwide.  Between three quarters and 90 percent of all dogs will have no veterinary care during their lifetimes. Surgical spay/neuter remains the gold standard. However, in chronically poor and undeveloped areas around the world, the logistics of safe surgeries for dogs and cats is a challenge.  To effectively reach enough numbers to address the needs of millions of animals, a more innovative solution is required. Our research is geared toward low-cost treatments and regulatory approval that gets effective products to those who need them the most.  



Celebrate Spay FIRST! Hero Dogs



Spay FIRST! research dogs come from high risk situations or rural shelters, mainly in the southern U.S., where they have little to no chance of adoption. While in our care these dogs live in 600 square foot pens where they acclimate to more interaction and learn the basics, like walking on a leash and “sit.”

A Hero Dogs’ participation in this vital research helps street dogs who otherwise suffer in silence. After research is completed, the dogs are surgically spayed or neutered and transferred to high quality private shelters in the northeast. A loving adoption process includes careful match-making, and includes a “take back” policy if the new family can can no longer care for the dog. A lifetime safety net is ensured for each Spay FIRST! Hero Dog.

This relationship is a win-win for all of our wonderful research dogs and for homeless at risk dogs worldwide.

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Initiated fund raising to support research on non-surgical contraceptives in conjunction with the rabies research department at US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 


Spay FIRST! was a presenter at the First International Symposium on Dog Population Management sponsored by World Health Organization (WHO).


Initiated research on GonaCon®, a hormonal contraceptive that works in many species. Further research was needed on dogs and cats and Spay FIRST! lead that effort. We have conducted safety/efficacy studies since that time, becoming the largest U.S. based researcher of canine non-surgical fertility control options that are patented in the public domain. 


Initiated extensive research on injectable calcium chloride, an unpatented veterinary compound for male dogs. Following extensive research this work was terminated in 2018. Although there was some success, logistics surrounding the availability of properly trained veterinarians in remote underserved areas led us to refocus on other solutions. 


Licensed the patent to GonaCon™ for use in management of feral horses. The EPA registration process was completed in 2018. Initiated research on a chemosterilent for female dogs. We continued our research on hormonal formulations for canine contraception and opened a full time research position 


Hired Jeff Kemp, Ph.D, molecular biologist, as a researcher and coordinator of our research and development programs and partnerships. 


Received approval for the sale of GonaCon EQ from EPA. Our research on hormonal and non-hormonal formulations for canines continued.


A protocol for a feline study was approved and became underway in 2020 and will continue into 2021. 


A protocol for a feline study was approved and became underway in 2020 and will continue into 2021.