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Spay FIRST! is a global leader in preventing animal suffering due to unwanted litters.

This is a global issue: worldwide at least half of dogs and cats born are unplanned and unwanted. An estimated 250,000 million street dogs exist globally  The average life of a female street dog is under three years.  Addressing overpopulation by building shelters is a costly, outdated approach that leaves millions of unwanted animals out in the cold.


Solutions to help your community, no matter how where you live. Options include mobi​le programs and self-sustaining mini-clinics.

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Spay FIRST! partners with government agencies and NGOs to find science-based solutions to the animal overpopulation crisis. Non-surgical sterilization will stop the suffering. We lead the charge to find solutions that are on an approval track that will reach the poor first.

When children in poverty witness neglect and cruelty as the norm, they learn to accept these tragic outcomes as inevitable. The status quo of neglect, cruelty and eradication is socially, economically and morally corrosive to our global community. Spay FIRST! is here to address that challenge head on.

Charlie Hatfield, Spay FIRST! Board President