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An “off board” recovery mobile spay/neuter unit is a mobile surgical room which is parked next to a designated building that is used as the waiting and recovery areas during the clinic.

“Off board recovery” programs are like a cross between a full service mobile spay neuter unit and a M*A*S*H clinic (in which the entirety of the process occurs in temporarily borrowed space).

With the convenience of a mobile unit and the flexibility of a M*A*S*H model, the off-board recovery mobile unit enables the service provider to increase the number of surgeries based on the capacity of the veterinarian instead of the space restrictions for animal containment cages.

In an off-board recovery unit, the surgery is performed within a contained unit The animals await surgery and recover following surgery in a prearranged building which is used for the day of the clinic.

This model is ideal for locations which are served through monthly clinics of 35 to 50 surgeries per day. Clinics can be extended for any number of days based on need.

Surgery on the off board recovery mobile

Requirements for an Off Board Recovery Mobile Unit: 

- A recovery building with appropriate heat or air conditioning that can maintain a standard recovery room temperature. Examples include armories, churches, gymnasiums, or other public or private buildings. 
- A host team can be a local humane organization or group of volunteers that “sponsor” the program. They are in charge of securing the use of the building, promoting the service, scheduling surgery appointments and organizing additional volunteers for the day of the clinic. 
- A visiting team consists of the veterinarians and technicians who work out of the mobile surgical unit. 
- Volunteers will be required on the day of the clinic to check in clients and assist with moving animals to and from the mobile surgical room. 

An off-board recovery mobile unit is a great resource for bringing high volume spay neuter services to the areas of our nation that need it the most.

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