Non-Surgical Fertility Control

Non-surgical fertility control…new solutions coming into view.


Some dogs get all the veterinary care they need.

     Others get the basics.

     But worldwide most get none.                                  

Spay FIRST! promises a kinder tomorrow.


Spay FIRST! is a leader in the research of non-surgical fertility control products for free-roaming, or “street,” dogs.

In 2011 we initiated partnerships to provide robust support for research on  immunocontraceptive products for unwanted dogs.  In 2013 our work scaled up dramatically as we moved into research on efficacy and safety of multiple formulations that can halt litters.

Our goal is to help dogs in impoverished communities through the development of low-cost, non-surgical options for preventing litters.

The numbers are staggering.

There are an estimated 250 million unwanted dogs worldwide.  Between three quarters and 90 percent of all dogs will have no veterinary care during their lifetimes. The average lifespan of a female dog in a developing nation is only two and a half years.  And sadly, the places least able to afford spay/neuter are those in which it is needed most.

Surgical spay/neuter remains the gold standard. However, in chronically poor places safe surgery for unwanted dogs and cats, in big enough numbers to address the needs of millions of animals, remains decades away.

Our research is geared toward low-cost treatments and regulatory approval that gets effective products to those who need them most.  Support our work today.

Celebrate…Spay FIRST! Hero Dogs!

Spay FIRST! research dogs come from high risk situations or rural shelters, mainly in the southern US, where they have little to no chance of adoption. While living in our 600 square foot pens they learn basics, like walking on a leash and “sit.”

A Hero Dogs’ participation in this vital research helps street dogs who otherwise suffer in silence.

After research the dogs are surgically spayed or neutered and transferred to high quality private shelters in the northeast. A loving adoption process includes careful match-making, and a lifetime “take back” if the home can no longer care for the dog. A lifetime safety net is ensured for each Hero Dog.

This relationship is a win/win for each of our dogs and for homeless dogs worldwide.

Will this research help family pets?  No, we focus on products approved for free-roaming dogs, and products that are not patented, faster and less costly processes than required for pets.

Contact us for more information on adopting a Hero Dog.