Prevention based solutions work.  Stopping litters is the first step in halting suffering.

Animal overpopulation has no pretty side to it.  If a community lacks basic animal care resources the outcome will be dire.  Worldwide most unwanted animals do not enter shelters; their shortened lives are filled with misery.

When children learn to treat animal neglect as a basic fact of life it becomes a default mode that is passed from one generation to the next; the outcome hurts everyone.  Children do not learn compassion from watching neglect.

When we empower people to take the first step in caring, preventing litters, we see communities move into action.  We see good things happen in a big way.

Compassion makes the world a better place for all and Spay FIRST! is leading the charge.

Spay FIRST! is a leader in developing solutions that are tailored to impoverished communities that exist on  every continent.  We recognize that free-roaming dogs and cats are a fact of life for many people and that the very first step to compassionate care means preventing litters of puppies or kittens. Learn more about spay/neuter programs for underserved areas.

Science based solutions are needed.  Research and development that is targeted to impoverished communities through expedient regulatory approval and publicly owned patents, or even the use of calcium chloride, which canot be patented, is the answer to the overwhelming scope of the global issue of animal overpopulation.

All the tools in the box are needed; we cannot stop the millions of unwanted litters born in remote poverty without ground breaking science leading the way.

Spay/neuter is a safe and effective way to prevent litters.  However, even at the reduced costs of M*A*S*H style spay/neuter programs, the logistics of providing surgical resources to street animals  makes operating spay/neuter at a global level out of reach.

Learn more about our work to bring science based solutions closer then before.

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