What You Can Do

Pet Overpopulation affects everyone who cares about animals and every taxpayer as well.

Preventing a litter through spay/neuter costs a fraction of the cost of sheltering an unwanted litter. It also reduces the demand for more shelter space.  And the best part is that the spay or neuter is usually paid for by the pet’s caregiver, not by the public. Unwanted pets become a public burden.

The current cost of sheltering and animal control in the U.S. exceeds two billion dollars a year. That figure would have to be increased by 11 times in order to rely on long term sheltering instead of euthanasia.

What You Can Do

If your dog or cat is already altered, there are many ways to support this nationwide movement.  Education, advocacy and program development will bring this common sense solution to more and more animals, see our Call-to-Action page.  If you’re an animal advocate and you want to initiate or improve an existing spay/neuter program, Spay FIRST! brings you proven information and how-tos, so you can get the most from your scarce resources. These approaches are working in communities just like yours.

Learn more by reading our Start-a-Program Page.  Even if your involved in a spay/neuter program that’s already up and running, you’ll find critical information on effective ways to help run your programs. Also take a look at the other resources on our site that are designed to support you in your vital work.