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  • We are the only national non-profit devoted to educating the public about animal overpopulation in regions of chronic poverty.  We reach millions of people via extensive media coverage and we have a blog on Huffington Post.  Your donation keeps our message in the forefront.
  • We enlist veterinarians and top researchers in our cause. We are partnered with the U.S. government in researching GonaCon®, an animal contraceptive, to develop a humane solution to the massive feral dog population across the globe. (Spay First’s work was the focus of an Associated Press article:  Your donation enables this vital research to continue.
  • We are the only national non-profit to highlight the impact of the lack of affordable spay/neuter services on poor families: spay/neuter prevents neglect from being a “default mode” that is passed from one generation to the next.  Your donation enables us to bring vital information to decision makers.
  • We mentor program start-up in underserved areas including on Native American reservations. Your donation enables us to create easy-to-use templates and to mentor rural organizations on opening spay/neuter programs designed to succeed. 

When unwanted litters are born there is no winner.   Your support for Spay FIRST! brings a brighter future to dogs and cats worldwide.

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