Our two fold mission is to educate the public about the impact of pet overpopulation on animals and the communities they live in, and to develop and strengthen innovative, successful surgical and non-surgical spay/neuter models in order to serve economically challenged regions.

We implement our mission:

  • By promoting spay/neuter and public education as the first strike in halting companion animal suffering worldwide.
  • By promoting research, development and expansion of both surgical and non-surgical sterilization programs in accordance with principles set forth by the OIE (World Health Organization).
  • To promote active partnerships with veterinary medical associations and other professionals in order to build the capacity to help at-risk animals.
  • To further the research and distribution of information on the connection between responsible animal care and the public safety and community good and to publicize this research to the public and to policy planners.

Core Values…

  • Animals and the communities they live in should be afforded safety and compassion, and have the right to be free of the unnecessary suffering caused by overpopulation.
  • Affordable high quality sterilization programs combined with public education offer the only way in which low-income communities can halt animal suffering in an economically sustainable manner.
  • Developing collaboration between professional organizations, local humane organizations and municipalities or tribal entities are the only ways to reach underserved and unserved regions.