When to Spay

SpayFIRST is happy to partner with WhenToSpay.org to let people know the best time to fix their pets is by four months to prevent accidental litters. Fixing by four months is safe and easy.


Cats can get pregnant by 4 months and dogs by 5 months and with 50% of litters being accidents you can see how easily it can happen! It can be a hassle to deal with behaviors of unfixed pets like heat cycles, roaming. fighting, and marking territory, plus having to place litters. Many litters end up in shelters or on Craigslist looking for a home. Make an appointment today so you don’t have to worry about it.

Visit WhenToSpay.org to find a low-cost spay/neuter clinic near you, take a pledge to fix your pets, get the facts on why fixing your pet is the way to go, and share some fun videos and facebook images.