Welcome to the very first Spay FIRST! blog.  Thanks for joining us! We hope to be a website you visit often for news, information and more.

People have asked why Spay FIRST! was created, what it’s about, and what we hope to accomplish.

Plain and simple, Spay FIRST! was created because despite being the most cost effective and direct “fix” for companion animal suffering, the spay/ neuter message is still way too quiet and the services are too few and far between.    Indeed for many economically challenged communities, especially in the south and the Midwest, accessible spay neuter programs do not yet exist.  Spay neuter prevents animal suffering!   Our goal is to help more communities create, ‘prevention based,’ programs that really work!

“Spay/ neuter” is a movement that’s simple yet revolutionary!

It is simple because the spay neuter solution has been available for decades, and most people who can afford to have pets altered do so.

Yet, without some financial assistance roughly 41 percent of US households earn under $35,000 per year and are unable to have pets altered in a timely manner (before their first litter), and statewide access to low-income spay neuter programs exists in fewer than ten states.  Those that fall through the cracks create millions of unwanted dogs and cats.

Yet it’s revolutionary because this movement is growing!

Our goal is to help low-income communities start spay neuter programs where there are none through innovative approaches including partnerships with private veterinary clinics, mobile and M*A*S*H-style clinics.

Sadly, much of our nation is bypassing the “prevention strategy” while expanding shelters to house unwanted pets at a far greater cost than spaying the mothers, both financially and ethically! And poor communities that are unable to build a shelter experience tragic, yet preventable, animal suffering.  It’s a poor model that can be replaced with compassion and common sense.

Spay neuter is the obvious solution, yet success can seem elusive because it is measured by an absence of unwanted pets.   In the joy of seeing a homeless dog or cat go to a new home, it’s easy to forget that each adoption speaks only for one in the original litter, while conversely a timely spay or neuter prevents homeless pets by the litter.  It’s sort of six for the price of one instead of one for the price of six!

Spay/ neuter is an equal opportunity solution! By that we mean that a spay neuter program has the same preventive value in the poorest of communities as it does in wealthy ones. A litter not born is a litter not born.  99% of communities can use spay neuter as a first strike approach to eliminating the tragedy of homeless pets.   Not all communities can do the same job of building shelters but all are equals on the prevention end of things! Spay neuter programs enable communities without a shelter to reduce the suffering by getting active before it happens.

We hope that by delivering high quality information, ongoing blogs and by creating a platform upon which people can share their experiences and questions, we can bring this important message to the forefront everywhere.

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Did you know…?

Only spay neuter programs can help dogs and cats in chronic poverty long before animal shelters are even a dream.

Low wages and chronic poverty affect many regions of the US.  In these regions dogs and cats suffer alongside the people.  In addition to being a tragedy for the pets, the situation contributes to a sense of hopelessness and despair, and a continuous supply of puppies and kittens places the goal of responsible pet care out of reach.  In the absence of basic spay neuter services compassion may not ever be viewed as a serious option.

In the many small towns that dot the Midwest and the south, low wages and part time employment place spay neuter out of reach.  This is not the fault of the people or the veterinarians, and it can be solved by creative planning and partnerships.

Without spay neuter programs (or one of the upcoming chemical sterilization products), the lives of companion animals in poverty are a tragedy for the animals and the communities they live in.

However, we can help by providing cost effective, high volume spay neuter services. By preventing a dog or cat from having litters spay neuter services stabilize the lives of the animals, whether they are community owned or someones pet.

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