Spay FIRST! Supports the When to Spay Program of Humane Alliance

SpayFIRST is very excited our partnership with, a brand new project of Humane Alliance ( that’s designed to bring the science of spay/neuter right to the public through messages that let people know that preventing an accidental first litter is absolutely key to reducing animal suffering.  The science may sometimes be complicated but the message is not; the only way to reduce the number of homeless animals is by getting pets fixed before they’re in danger of coming into season for the first time.  It’s a matter of common sense and compassion too.

In addition to the many health benefits of avoiding an accidental early litter, an unplanned litter starts a chain of events that goes on for years; some animals will pay a heavy price…some will not make it out of a shelter alive, others will be abandoned and worse.  75 percent of adult animals entering shelters are mixed breed animals that were born in unplanned, and generally unwanted, litters.  Then they became an unwanted animal over and over again.   If your pet has a litter, other animals that are already born will not get homes.  And even if just one third of animals born into an average litter have a litter of their own, and only one third of those have just one litter, the numbers are in the hundreds within just a few years.

Please visit  You can find their great information and downloads right here and on the Spay FIRST Facebook page.  Please share their great materials with friends, post them on your FaceBook page and help get the word out…the animals are counting on you!

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