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  1. Science and Compassion Are Needed to Halt Animal Suffering

    Check out our latest Huffington Post article on combining compassion and science to halt animal suffering:

  2. Animal Shelter Numbers Tell Only a Part of the Story

    The problem of homelessness in America is cause for alarm — and for action. Most of us are aware of the distressing reality of homelessness…

  3. Spay/neuter Ordinances Should Be Adopted Nationwide

    The hidden costs of pet overpopulation make the expansion of affordable spay/neuter services into an ethical and financial imperative. Sadly it is still lagging throughout…

  4. Making the Case for Municipal Spay/Neuter Programs

    You’ve heard the expression “It’s raining cats and dogs.” Well, in many communities throughout the U.S., that rain is a continual flood of tragedy that…

  5. Thinking Outside of the Box (Shelter)

    Spay/neuter is the single most important step in eliminating the pet overpopulation that results in overcrowded shelters and places homeless dogs and cats on the…

  6. Fabio Stops By News 9 To Talk About His Passions
  7. Fabio talks pecks, pets and protein
  8. SpayFIRST! on Good Day Tulsa
  9. Occupy Common Sense

    Spay/neuter is “the equalizer” when it comes to halting animal suffering in big numbers. It’s the equalizer because it provides the exact same opportunity to change the status quo in the poorest community as it does in the wealthiest! And the effect is geometric, not one at a time.

    No other single step that can be taken on behalf of animals, sheltering, rescue or anything else, has a similar cost and the very same value in every community that makes the effort.

  10. Welcome!

    Welcome to the very first Spay FIRST! blog.  Thanks for joining us! We hope to be a website you visit often for news, information and…