Spay FIRST! is a non-profit organization which was incorporated in Oklahoma in 2010 by a small group of spay neuter advocates and friends dedicated to the belief that compassion means preventing suffering any time we may do so.  Preventing unwanted litters from being born is absolutely central to any large scale effort to halt animal suffering in dogs and cats.

Oklahoma is the birthplace of many innovative spay neuter programs designed to serve homes in chronic poverty, a demographic which has often been overlooked  Our programs have become working models for communities elsewhere; our goal is to educate the public on this common sense solution, to share our templates for success and to work closely with others who are striving to create change in their own communities.

The overlap between the conditions in which animals exist and the communities around them is central to developing meaningful change.  The issues facing people in chronic poverty impact the animals that share their lives.  Spay FIRST! is dedicated to bringing inclusive and in-depth discussion to the forefront in order to expand spay neuter services and reduce animal suffering.

Our advisory board brings leaders in animal welfare, veterinary medicine, human and community service advocacy and legal expertise to the table.

Together we can spread the message that spay neuter is the perfect first step to halting suffering and improving the care of companion animals in at-risk communities.